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Common Ground Media

Common Ground Media: home of features, documentaries, and the future I-list Podcast.

Our goal at Common Ground Media, is to help rewrite the narrative around aspects of the human experience.

Instead of advocacy reporting, we create content encouraging our audiences to consider, question, and feel more connected to topics some might think only has a single perspective. Sometimes that means asking the oddly obvious.

Listen to producer Karen Lewellen wonder about needless tax form complexity.

Often it means simply that when more voices get heard, many more may discover common connections.

In the future, Common Ground Media hopes it will mean taking words like “Inclusion,” and expanding on all the vast and surprising ways the term can be defined. Through our upcoming series, The i-list.

Topic 1: The i-list of inclusion and belonging: for the everybody not like everybody else.
Topic 2: The i-list of service: whose meal is it anyway?
Topic 3: The i-list of spirituality: drumming with a different drum.
Topic 4: The i-list of economics: money, meaning, and exchange by many other manes.
Topic 5: The i-list of education: teach a soul to and where’s the classroom?
Topic 6: the i-list of citizenship: my country is of who?
Topic 7: The i-list of identity: or how to introduce your party guests.
Topic 8: The i-list of entertainment: or all the world’s a stage and an audience. Topic 9: The i-list of sports: or somebody come and play.
Topic 10: The i-list of care: healing, connecting, and community equals life. Future show topics.
Topic 11: The i-list of information: or marketplace of ideas is…a strip mall?
Topic 12: The i-list of communication: or the when where and what of words. Topic 13: The i-list of fashion: or what are you wearing?
Topic 14: The i-list of food: living by bread, or without bread alone.
Topic 15: The i-list of government: or everybody wants to ruled the world.
Topic 16: The i-list of justice: in prison, restore, or reform?
Topic 17: The i-list of climate: or yes even you can prevent a forest fire, and cure a rainy day, really!
Topic 18: The i-list of work: Labor, unions, and how to wear your jammies to the office.
Topic 19: The i-list of transportation: or get around how to get around?
Topic 20: The i-list of creativity: Legos, lip sync, and magic sand. What a terrific list

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